Safest ways of jacking a car

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The two main tools and methods most people use for jacking a car are:

1) To use the car jack that comes with the vehicle often referred to as a scissor jack.

2) The safer preferred method is to use a trolley jack with a lifting capacity rated comfortably more than the weight of your particular vehicle.

Typical maximum lifting weights for these types of jacks are 2, 3 and 5 tonnes. Once the car is off the ground the jack is backed up by using axle stands to make it safe to work.

Personally the only time I would ever use a scissor jack is when stuck out in the middle of nowhere needing to change a tire.

Safest ways of jacking a car

Whichever method you’re using for jacking a car the first thing to remember is to check your car manual for jacking points.

These jacking points are really important from a safety aspect and to avoid causing considerable damage to your car.

The extracts below shows samples from 2 vehicles manuals. They highlight how each make of vehicle may differ for their jacking points particularly when using trolley/garage jacks.