How to care for your salsa shoes?

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1. Salsa Shoe Care.

To prolong the life of your dance shoes you must provide sufficient Salsa shoe care to it. After all you’ve decided you will wear dance shoes instead of street shoes for dancing.

You buy them. You enjoy the benefits of dancing in them. Now you want that to last for a long time.

You’d like to get value for money from your shoes. You will get that, provided you have chosen the correct shoes and take care of them. Doing the wrong things will destroy your shoes before you know it, making you have to scurry out quickly to buy another pair.

Pretty expensive, isn’t it?

2. Salsa Shoe Care Tips

Below are the main tips for giving your shoes that extra Salsa Shoe Care:

  • Never Wear Dance Shoes Outside.Dance shoes are handcrafted, balanced and made for dance and not wearing them outside will make your dance more enjoyable.They are made of split-leather which is lighter weight and performs better because of its napped surface.Especially do not wear your Salsa shoes on rough pavement, or give it exposure to the elements such as wet weather. Exposure to grit will clog the nap of the shoe.

    If you absolutely must wear your dance shoes for street wear, then it will work best if brushed with a steel brush. Try first brushing with the nap. If it does not restore the fuzzy surface then brush against the nap.

  • Keep shoes somewhere fresh after use.After use they must be left to air themselves for at least fifteen minutes in order for them to dry, because sweat dries out the leather or suede, and causes it to become rougher.Keep in room temperatures of 18 degrees.

How to care for your salsa shoes?

  • In order to clean the shoes of hide that has been tanned into leather, or any form that doesn’t have any external “hair”, it is best to spread normal skin-cream for personal use onto them.Afterwards, once the shoe has absorbed the cream, one should spread shoe cream (not shoe polish) onto them.

    The next step is to rub them with a cloth and to brush them. In this way, it is possible for the hide of the shoe to remain permanently hydrated, and for it not to dry out and get ruined.

  • Polish shoes regularly.This goes without saying.For suede, nappa or nu-bucks, it suffices to brush them and use a spray protector which makes them more resistant to water. To prevent the shoe sole from wearing out due to wax from the dance floor, suede shoes should be brushed with a suede brush.Use a Silicon oil or polish to prevent patent shoes from sticking and cracking.

  • Choose the correct size shoes.Dance shoes should be smaller than street shoes. They must fit smugly without rubbing or hurting.In Closed-toe shoes, the toes should be as close to the end of the shoes as possible without rubbing. In Sandal style shoes, toes should completely cover the sole of the shoes preferably with a small overhang (about quarter of an inch).If the shoe stretches invest in a pair of foam inner soles.

    If shoes are chosen incorrectly then your foot has more chance of moving inside your dance shoes. The more this happens then the more the shoes will stretch and wear out.