Save $$$… with Caribbean Weather

A tropical vacation in the Caribbean weather hurricane season can be profitable to you.

Lots of vacation seekers take the risk and Caribbean travel. And they save money. You see, Caribbean weather is all about sunshine and rain, storms and thunder storms and of course… hurricanes.

In this region the hurricane threat is an integral part of west indian living.

And how can travelers save money? Many resorts and hotels offer discounted rates — that are temptingly low cost — during the hurricane season.

And what happens when storms get really nasty?

Well… Besides adequate insurance travel… Ensure a raincoat is part of your travel accessories.

Seriously, you must be thinking about what precautions to adopt for vacations during the hurricane season. We know that the hurricane season runs from early June to the end of November.

So there are some windows of opportunities for…

Vacations in and around the hurricane season
And how is this? Well…

The low season for tourism is April to December. So you do have some ‘safe periods’ to enjoy your tropical vacation. Still, do not ignore local weather reports and forecasts.

Sometimes given latitudinal location, relief and other localized conditions, you can still experience some severe conditions.

Save $$$... with Caribbean Weather

The general trends of thunder-storm attacks are usually in the months of August to October. And during the wet season, the Caribbean weather brings periodic rain — hardly continuous.

And you can get some really heavy showers. They are usually brief.

And the sun shines and dries it all up – just as quickly!

So what are…

Some Strategies of Prevention
… to protect you from an encounter with potential hurricane devastation? Firstly, use the weather maps and The National Hurricane Center for storm tracking and predictions. Also the National Weather Service is the main USA source of weather info inclusive of international updates.

Use My Yahoo! and create a customized weather page. Just select the location you want to monitor and you can access varying options of weather forecasts. And of course this one is easy — The Weather Channel on cable tv.

Safe Islands for Vacations
Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are southernmost islands off the coast of Venezuela. Hurricane paths of severe Caribbean weather do not travel in their direction. They are thus ‘safe’ and are paradise resort islands themselves — great for ALL water sports, diving, elegant and wild nightlife… and some shopping too!

Even Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago are fantastic places in the southernmost Caribbean. Hurricane Flora battered Tobago in 1963 with softer damage to the other two islands. Since then, storms and thunderstorms yes — but no hurricane devastation.

Barbados is tourism personified. You will leave Trinidad knowing how to have a really good time. And when you are in need of slowing things down somewhat… Tobago will normalize your bio-rhythms.

The Turks and Caicos Islands have very little rain and are also safe from hurricane pathways. Lovely islands for great fun and beach-life.

Hurricane Protection Programs
Some resorts have created their own hurricane protection programs or weather guarantees. So remember to ask about hurricane guarantees when choosing accommodation.

Wyndham Resorts are located in Jamaica, St Lucia and St Thomas.

They have weather guarantees.

So too do the SuperClubs resort chain. The Starfish Resort in Jamaica and Breezes in Curacao are part of this group. They reimburse their guests for all disrupted nights with a voucher guarantee for future visits.

Both Sandals and Beaches Resorts guarantee their clients an all-expense replacement vacation against the ravages of Caribbean weather. It’s like starting your package vacation with them anew!

And what about…

Other Caribbean Weather Tips
Indeed, some policies offer weather guarantees. We spoke previously on Insurance Travel. Generally, average insurance costs between five to ten percent of the total amount of protection.

By the way, if you are unable to complete all your agreed-upon dives due to ‘stormy weather’… what happens? Some scuba diving tour operators will reschedule the dives OR refund your payments.

is a great alternative to Caribbean travel these islands especially when Caribbean weather forecasts are of hurricanes. The vessels simply change routes to avoid an impending hurricane threat.

One thing I can tell you. When hurricanes ravage these islands, they rebuild rather quickly, offering YOU better resort facilities and services. I’ve seen this in both St Maarten and especially Antigua — a favorite spot for me.

Can we say… the up-side of Caribbean weather and its hurricanes?