School Sports Photography Tips

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School Sports Photography – the next level of young girls and boys competitive learning curve, whether a team sport or an individual competition, the level of competitiveness gets stronger…….and so too the action and emotions you will capture.

The ball “swishing” through the net for a basket, the puck hitting the post and going in, the ball being crushed by a baseball bat and the delicate but physically demanding gymnastics programs all give you the photography an opportunity to record history.

Important – Know the sport you are about to cover, research it, learn to anticipate action and be prepared. Don’t be afraid to take a lot of images, the action occurs so quickly….record as much as you can, so bring lots of memory.

The sights and sounds of School Sports Photography has that electric feel and adrenaline rush associated with it. Being on the sidelines and close to the action, you will smell the competition and emotions. A new generation of sports fans and athletes gives high school and college sports the grassroots beginnings of team building, confidence and support.

School Sports Photography Tips

Young teens will compete and learn valuable lessons such as confidence, trust and team work. Capture the images of these young kids as they ride the roller coaster of emotions that sports can bring on……not all the action happens on the field. Emotions of the fans in the stands, the coaching staff and the players on the sidelines during crucial moments of a contest….these should all be in your plan to cover.