Scientific Toys…To Exhilerate The Mind

For scientific toys, there is none better than Edmunds Scientific. This is a company that has had its lenses used on the Apollo mission to record the first landing on the moon!

Begun in 1942 by Norman Edmunds when he recognized a shortage of optical devices against high demand. In searching about for particular lenses that he needed for his photography hobby, he found an abundance of World War II Army surplus. He began to buy and sell them.

Scientific Toys...To Exhilerate The Mind
From that serendipitous beginning, Edmunds increased its inventory of surplus lenses, and expanded into specialty optical devices. Today, it is respected as a leader in scientific toys that function and educate.
Barbara Jackson has taught school for more than 20 years. It was she who recommended that Edmunds be included for this page. She says,

“I have taught many scientific subjects and run mulit-lingual science fairs. My students included gifted and talented students who went on to top universities, including West Point. I highly recommend Edmunds products for any parent or teacher desiring to provide an exceptional learning experience for an inquisitive mind.”