Seasons Based on Tourism

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Seasons on the Cayman Islands… Your’s or Their’s?

When you want traveling information for visiting the Caymans, remember the seasons are based on your location… not the Cayman’s.

For example: If you live in the northern states of the US, you have four: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The Cayman Islands, however, basically has the same weather year round. Their seasons are based on high and low tourism.

By understanding this, you will have more information on what time of year is best for your vacation wants and needs.

The High On-Season

High Season is the busiest season on the year on the islands. This is when the greatest number of tourists arrives to experience the island life. This would be the fall and winter months outside of the Caymans.

High season can include the one-day cruise ship stop at a Grand Cayman port. Or, it can be a visit of one or two weeks, or even a couple of months.

Expect large crowds in the George Town shops, restaurants, on the beaches, Cayman Turtle Farm, and on the dive operator boats (depending on which dive operator you choose).

Are you the type of person that finds crowds add to the excitement of traveling? If so, than high season is for you!

But, remember, high season also means more competition for room accommodations, air travel, and scuba diving trips. High season also means higher prices.

Plan your vacation travel accordingly. Plan and make your reservations months in advance!

Seasons Based on Tourism

The Slower Pace of Off Season

Off-season is very different then high season. The crowds are a great deal smaller, the pace is slower, and the tourism atmosphere is very laid back.

Off season is also the best time for lower prices, cheaper air fares, and a greater choice of accommodations.

Some hotels and resorts even offer huge discounts on rates. The discounts can range from 20, 50, to 60 percent. Check around to see who offers you the best deal.

And don’t hesitate to negotiate a better deal. Seasons Based on Tourism

Lastly, less crowds means smaller or no lines in restaurants, golf courses, dive boats, underwater photo shops… and more.

Does all of this sound more enjoyable to you?

Than you might want to consider choosing the off-season as the best time to schedule your trip to Grand Cayman, or the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Side Note–Traveling with your little ones? Off-season makes it easier to enjoy your family vacation of water sports, visiting shops in George Town, playing on the beach… and just relaxing!

But don’t forget to protect your and your children’s skin from sunburns.

Off-Season: There is a Trade Off

  • Some hotel and resorts will offer fewer services than they do for high season.
  • Off season is repair, renovation, and building time for most businesses.
  • Some businesses close down during off-season. Check ahead.
  • Off-season temperatures are about 10 degrees higher than High Season.
  • Humidity will be slightly higher with more rainfall in Off Season.
  • There’s less competition for accommodations. But also fewer accommodations available. Check with your travel agency, hotel, or resort before booking your trip!

Spring Break… A Season All of It’s Own!

Florida and Padre Island aren’t the only US Spring Break destinations.

Yes, now college students also flock to Grand Cayman during spring break.

Are crowds and the “hardy, party” atmosphere for you? Than visit in late March and early April for school and college spring break.

But, don’t expect the “no rules” atmosphere on the Cayman Islands. Caymanian government will not allow any form of public nudity.

And the legal drinking and driving laws are strictly enforced.

Late March or April the Only Time Slots that Work for You?

You say late March and April is the only time period that works for your schedule? And you don’t want the party atmosphere?

If that seems to be a problem…

It really isn’t! Seasons Based on Tourism

You can easily island hop over to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman.Cayman Express offers flights to the Brac. And private boat operators offer trips to Little Cayman.

Now You Know…

What season works best for you!

Remember… if you’re planning to visit the Cayman’s during High Season, make your reservations months in advance.

If your travel to the Caymans will be during the Off Season, check ahead to make sure accommodations will be available.

What do You do Next?

You plan your trip! Seasons Based on Tourism