Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico – Ballenas

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Considered by historians as the place where Cristopher Columbus landed during his second voyage to the New World in 1493, the town of Guanica is home to the most precious Natural Reserve hosting a wide variety of wildlife is the most wonderful setting imaginable; a naturalist’s paradise.

Included in UNESCO’s list of protected World Biosphere Reserves for its unique ecological coastline, Ballena Bay is a breeding place for the manatee and its two mile stretch of beach is the nesting site for the Hawkbill and Leatherback sea turtles, also in danger of disappearing. Adjacent to the bay and part of the World Biosphere Reserve is Guanica’s Tropical Dry Forest which harbors over fifty endangered plant and bird species as well.

Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico   Ballenas

This Wonder of the World may be accessed by car on rte. 333, heading towards Copamarina Beach Resort, enclaved in the middle of the Reserve with submarine gardens and a private protected beach strip offering a place to enjoy the natural things in life, undisturbed and beautiful.

Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico   Ballenas

How to Get There

From San Juan, take Highway 52 to Ponce, West on Road 2 and South on Route 116 to Guánica. Follow Route 333 straight to The Bahía de la Ballena.

Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico   Ballenas