Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico – Caja de Muerto

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In the emerald green waters of the Caribbean Sea, on the south coast of Puerto Rico, the adventurous traveler will find many beautiful and secluded beaches. But none can compare with the breathtaking views offered by Caja de Muertos, which literally means dead man’s coffin, a descriptive name more than anything else. The islet was declared a natural reserve by the Puerto Rican government in 1978, and with the onset of eco-tourism in recent years it has become a favorite among world travelers.

For those in search of spectacular underwater diving and snorkeling, the shallow reefs surrounding this tiny coffin-shaped Island will provide an unforgettable experience. For those more interested in landmark monuments, the 19th Century lighthouse, built by masons in 1887, will make for memorable sightseeing in between swims in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico   Caja de Muerto

A prized possession of the original Taíno Indians of Puerto Rico, the islet has seen its share of European shipwrecks and served as shelter for feared pirates. Whether it’s a walk back into history you are looking for, or a secluded beach in which to bask in the warm glow of the tropical sun, Caja de Muertos, known as Muertos Island in English, will offer the most demanding traveler all the peace and tranquility needed for a memorable beach-lover’s experience.

Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico   Caja de Muerto

How to Get There

From San Juan take Road 52 towards Ponce. Then take the Ponce Playa exit, and continue on Road #14 towards The Guancha.