Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico – Shacks

One of the most beautiful coastlines in Puerto Rico can be found in the northwest, from Arecibo to Rincón, the westernmost town on the Island. About halfway between the two lie the spectacular white sand dunes of Isabela.

Although Islanders consider Isabela’s beaches to be some of the best on the Island, there are many secluded spots for the ocean-loving visitor. among these, Shacks is perhaps the best known and has an international reputation as one of the premier windsurfing spots anywhere in the world. Even with a worldwide reputation, Shacks is never crowded and its large area offers enough room for everyone.

With thermal trade winds blowing a constant 15 to 18 knots in the winter months, Shacks provides an ideal setting for windsurfing, wave jumping and kitesurfing.

Stroll among the seagrapes in search of the perfect seashell, or simply bask in the warm, hot tropical sun.

Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico   Shacks

Most tourists and locals alike visit Jobos beach, a couple of miles down the road, which makes Shacks one of the best kept secret spots anywhere on the Island. Although locals rarely go topless or nude at the beach, Shacks is one of the few places where nudists can find a nice secluded spot to sunbathe without tan lines.

Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico   Shacks

How to Get There

From Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport take Baldorioty de Castro Ave. (Road 26) towards San Juan. Take exit Bayamón/ Arecibo via Minillas Tunnel. Continue towards Arecibo on toll Road 22. From Arecibo to Isabela, take Highway 2 until reaching exit 110. At the first blinking street light turn left towards Road 4466 straight to the end of the Road.

Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico   Shacks