Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico

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Although there are over four million inhabitants on the Island, there are quite a few places that are void of crowds at least most of the time, except for those privileged tourists with a strong desire for an undisturbed nature and wildlife communion as a reward for the year long hustle and bustle in the city. Many of these beaches are accessed by entering Natural Reserves and hiking some ways to pristine blue waters filled with underwater gardens and impressive rock formations surrounded by dense tropical vegetation, an unforgettable sight to the most demanding eco-tourism standards.

Our biological diversity and geography has proven to be a scientist’s heaven when it comes to studying the effects of isolation on our geological history and evolution.

Places like Mona Island, Caja de Muertos and the varied coastal wetlands ecosystems are a paradise for seclusion and meditation.The Island’s shores are filled with rocky promontories, long stretches of white sandy beaches, cliffs and ridges and isolated pockets with breakers enjoyed by the most daring surfers.

In recent years we are seeing the enormous efforts of our State and Federal agencies working together to restore and preserve many of our coastal wetlands, home of a diverse number of birds and plants. Environmentally safe recreational facilities are being designed and built for public use and to attract tourism, featuring modern fresh water fishing areas in our lakes and shore fishing coastal facilities to promote traditional family activities like wildlife education and bird watching.


Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico

Islanders consider Isabela’s beaches to be some of the best on the Island, there are many secluded spots for the ocean loving visitor.


Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico

Ballena Bay is set in one of the world’s most precious Natural Reserves, home to over fifty endangered species protected by the Fish and Wildlife Service and the people of Puerto Rico.

Caja de Muerto

Secluded beaches in Puerto Rico

For those in search of spectacular underwater diving and snorkeling, the shallow reefs surrounding this tiny coffin shaped Island will provide an unforgettable experience.