See How Using Horse Clipart Can Tranform Your Horse Gift Into A Spectacular Gift!

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Using horse clipart to create a personalized gift box or gift bag can really give your horse lover gift the unique and personal touch you’re looking for. And in most cases, you can make it cheaper than you could buy anything that comes close to it.

When you’ve selected a horse gift that is just perfect for your horse fan, but you need a way to make it a little more personal and add that little extra flair that makes your gift stand out from all the rest, try designing your own horsey gift box or gift bag.

A gift bag or box is especially great for items like horse t-shirts and horse jewelry. But if you can find the right size box or bag for your horse lover gift, using horse clipart or horse pictures gives you the ability to put a fantastic wrap on any gift.

See How Using Horse Clipart Can Tranform Your Horse Gift Into A Spectacular Gift!

Let’s start with the gift box. First you need to find a box that’s the right fit for your gift. If you have a small item, say a small box for jewelry, I recommend you place that container in a larger one, like a shoebox. Just crumple some tissue paper, or use green Easter grass (after all, horses do LOVE grass) to fill the empty space in the box. This will add a little mystery to your gift as well, because they would never guess jewelry in a shoebox.

Okay, you have your box. Now let’s choose the wrapping material. You have to decide if you want simple or fancy or something in between. For simple, you could start with brown butcher block paper, or my personal favorite, a brown paper grocery sack. For the grocery sack, just cut down one side and along the bottom to open it up. When you wrap the box, just make sure the inside of the bag is showing. (I always used grocery sacks for all of my daughter’s school book covers. She loved them because she could decorate them any way she wanted.)

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, just use some shiny single color wrapping paper. Stripes or a simple design on the paper would work as well. It just depends on your taste.

Once you’ve selected your wrapping material, you need to wrap your gift box and lid separately. This allows you to show off your creativity here as well. Select a different color for the top and bottom. Use brown paper grocery sack on the bottom and choose some shiny colored wrapping paper for the lid. Use stripes or polka dots on the bottom with a plain color lid.Use your imagination and come up with your own unique combination.

Now we’re ready for the horsey part. I’ll list a couple of options here, but I’m sure you’ll come up with some great ones of your own. You could find some magazine horse pictures or pictures from an old horse calendar. Cut out a larger one for the lid, and smaller pictures to go around the sides of your gift box. Then just glue them in place.

The other option is to use horse clipart. There are some great sites online that allow you to copy their horse clipart for free, as long as it’s not for commercial purposes.