Self Defense for Women

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Self defense for women is on the rise. Women are becoming more involved than ever in self defense. There are many ways a woman can protect herself whether she is 18 or 85 and do some serious damage to an attacker.

The crime stats against women are climbing daily, and it’s time for us to take back our freedom and stop fearing to walk to our cars, ride buses, shop at night, live alone or anything else we want to do. The serial killers, rapist and Jo Crack’s of the world need to fear us.


Many women believe that if they are attacked they will be able to fight their way loose. Because you may have fought with other women, boyfriends or husbands and came out alive, you may think that you can take on an attacker as well.

Self Defense for Women


The difference is that the other women, boyfriends or husband do not really want to fatally harm you, whereas an attacker usually does not want to leave a witness to identify him. Not every attacker is a Ted Bundy, some only want your money, however since you do not know your attacker you must assume the worst; because you already know for him to attempt a crime against someone he‘s not in a stable frame of mind.

Your attacker would most likely be a man that wants to kidnap, rape, rob or assault you. This man is going to be fearless, faster, stronger and experienced at harming people. You will have little or no warning whatsoever, and it will be at a time when he believes it to be at his advantage and if your not mentally prepared beforehand, it will be his advantage.



Classes offer a great source of self defense for women whether it is hand to hand combat or martial arts training, however you should know that a one-day hands on class is not going to cut it. You need a regular scheduled training session to learn and reinforce the skills needed to survive.

If you are not training with a man, you are not realizing the full force necessary to fight off an actual attack; and then, you still must realize that your trainer is not really trying to hurt you. You must take this in consideration if you are thinking of a class. If your physical strength and mobility are somewhat weak, then you may want to consider other methods of self defense such as a self defense product.

Self Defense Products

Self Defense products are another means of self defense for women, however there are positives and negatives related to these items whether it is a pepper spray, tasser, knife, baton or handgun.


  • Most items are small and can be concealed
  • Can damage the attacker so that you have plenty of time to escape
  • Can be carried everywhere you go, can save your life.


  • Can give you a false sense of security
  • Can be harmful to children if not kept out of their reach
  • Can be used against you if your attacker sees what you are tying to do and overpowers you especially if you have not taken the time to practice with it

Check your local and state laws for handgun concealment

With everything considered, self defense for women is available, and it is ultimately up to you to defend yourself. You have to decide what type of self defense fits your lifestyle and what you are capable of doing at any given moment. Your life may depend on it one day.