Self help versus depression

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You can do a lot to help yourself with depression self help strategies. Therapy helps some but not all and you can’t go to therapy every day. Medication works wonders for many, but dealing with your underlying issues will speed up your recovery and help you avoid relapse.

Here you will find coping strategies that deal with specific issues that are likely fueling your depression. These may be isolating yourself, negative ways of thinking, low self esteem, problems concentrating, lack of meaning in life, or others.

To get the most benefit out of these depression self help strategies, use them only 1 or 2 at a time. You can’t fix everyhting at once and trying to will result in nothing getting fixed. Try something for a week or a month. Do it every day or a couple of days a week. Keep doing it if it keeps helping you, but move on to something else if it stops. Once you’ve learned an effective strategy for fighting depression you will alwyas have it when you need it.

Medication can still be very important. If you are so depressed that you can’t function, medication can give you a boost out of your depressed state so you can help yourself.

Self help versus depression

Therapy is also great for some because you can learn more problem-solving and coping strategies from your therapist.

Depression self help strategies can be used to get you focused at the beginning of your day or to deal with situations or symptoms when the need arises.

Small victories can help you with overcoming depression or bipolar disorder and feeling better about yourself every day. Every day is filled with opportunities for small victories and depression self help. A small victory is when you defeat your depression or irritability with willpower.

Reminding yourself every day of what you appreciate about life is a great way of coping with depression or bipolar disorder (because we often forget). We tend to dwell on the things in life that we want but don’t have and forget about the things in life we do have.

One of the most difficult things when dealing with depression is the negative thinking it spawns and maintains. It is easy to forget that life can be fun, that depression is very curable, and that you control your future.