Serial Killers. Is One Watching You?

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Serial Killers: The most intelligent and dangerous of all criminals. If a serial killer is watching you as his next potential victim, he is going to look at things like “what are your weak spots, how alert are you, do you have a routine that gives him the opportunity to make his plan work.”

Does he know when you are usually alone? Does he see you arm or disarm a security system? Does he know what day you shop on? Does he know what time you get home from work? Does he know what time you go to bed?

He most likely knows all this and more about you.

Do You Think Your Safe?

Serial Killers look for the vulnerability and weakness in people. Mostly women or young girls they think they can overpower, and they usually do. Women can protect themselves if they learn how to be aware of their surrounding at all times and have some form of self defense knowledge or weapon.

Serial Killers. Is One Watching You?

Don’t think that because dead bodies aren’t showing up all over the place in your town or city that you are safe; serial killers usually spread their victims out over time and location, sometimes years apart – and you don‘t want to be victim #1 in your area.

The biggest mistake is letting down your guard when you are alone. Example: You go shopping for groceries, you leave the store with both hands on your basket, open your trunk to put your bags away not paying any attention to the other people walking by – your busy trying to place your bags just right so the bread doesn‘t get smashed and the eggs don‘t get broke etc.

Guess what ladies? You are now in a vulnerable position. Even if you have pepper spray, a handgun or some other weapon, it most likely will do you no good because it’s not easily accessible at the moment. This could be the very moment you would need it. Or worst yet, maybe he is already in your house waiting for you to get home from shopping to catch you off guard with a handful of groceries. I stress ladies, “Always Be Alert” especially when you are alone.

How Can This Happen?

Unlike the average criminal (Joe Crack), serial killers do not act on impulse to rob or rape you. They stalk, plan and carefully execute their crime. This is why they are most likely to succeed. Many commit murders for years and decades before they are caught and some are never caught.

There are serial killers out there right now that have never been caught. They could be anywhere, stalking anyone as their next victim. You just don’t know if one has his eye on you or your family.

These killers can portray a friendly and pleasant personality; most are very likable people. This is why they are so dangerous; they can easily gain your trust in a matter of minutes.

If there is any one common motive among these murderers, it’s playing God, having the power over life and death of another individual, it’s a very intoxicating experience for these criminals.

The most common motive for a serial killer is some type of sexual perversity, however there is no one single profile of a serial killer.

The reality is they are not crazy; they are not insane in the terms of being legally insane. They understand very well that what they are doing is wrong, but they do it anyway and they try very hard to get away with it.