Sewing curtain fabric

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by margaret may

when sewing fabric together how do i match up the pattern? i have tried but pattern is out

Sewing curtain fabric

Hi Margaret

Welcome to the world of curtain making. It’s a pain when the pattern runs out on fabric. Unfortunatley its a common problem.

Right what can you do, well if the pattern is more than an inch out then not a lot. If it’s an inch or less you can start sewing the widths together with the pattern slightly out.

Then as you continue to sew the seam the pattern will fall into place. Then probably the pattern will go out of line as you reach the end of the seam.

You may be tempted to tease one panel in as you sew. well don’t your finished curtains won’t hang right.

So there you have it not a perfect solution but a good as your likely to get.

Best regards