Share Your Gift Of Love

When you are given the gift of love by someone, whether it be a child, friend, family member, spouse or someone special in your life, they are entrusting you with what is most precious to them.

When you give the gift of love you are opening yourself up to your most vulnerable point.

Love can be shown in so many different ways.

Sometimes it may be a simple touch of a friend. It may take the form of a dandelion in the hand of your grandchild. Maybe it is just time being spent together to laugh and create memories. The gift of love can be shown by just being there to listen and talk. Possibly it is shown by doing those little chores for others.
Share Your Gift Of Love
However it is presented, be certain to appreciate every moment given to you. Realize that when someone gives you love that they are opening themself up to you and the hope that the gift is received and returned. For some people this is a very large risk to take.

The greatest gift you can ever receive is to be loved.

The greatest gift you can ever give is your love.

When you share your love and present it as a gift to someone you open yourself up to creating a bond of trust and mutual respect. Left unspoken, it will only leave you wondering what differances may have been made if you had spoken.

Life is too fleeting to hold the love we have inside us. You may never again get the chance you have been given to share your gift of love.

How many lives may have been changed for the better if someone had spoken up instead of closing down? How many people wish they would have said I love you one more time?

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The Best Gift Of Life