Shoe of the Month

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Welcome to “Shoe of the Month.” With so many great shoes this season, it was hard to pick just one. Love or hate them, espadrilles are my shoe pick of the month. Come summer, espadrilles are a staple in everyone’s closet.

They are one of this years hottest looks. Espadrilles have been summer favorites since the 1940s and they’re a summer favorite this year too. From sexy ankle straps to comfortable casual wedges, espadrilles are a must-have-shoe this season. Pair them with shorts, flowing dresses and skirts or jeans and cropped pants. Espadrilles are colorful, fun and with so many styles to choose from, there’s one for everyone.

History of The Espadrille

The term “espadrille” is French, and derives from esparto, the Spanish name for a tough, wiry North African grass used in making rope. Espadrilles have been made in Catalonia since the 17th century and there are Catalonian shops still in existence that have been making espadrilles for over a century. Traditional espadrilles have a canvas upper with the toe and vamp cut in one piece and seamed to the rope sole at the sides. Often they would have laces at the throat that would be wrapped around the ankle to hold the shoes securely in place. Early espadrilles were worn by both men and women. Once peasant footwear, espadrilles have grown in popularity and are now made by top designers. Espadrilles are casual sandals originating from the South of France. They are often made of canvas or cotton fabric with a sole made of rope or rubber molded to look like rope. The rope or faux rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille. The uppers vary in style.

Shoe of the Month

Modern Espadrilles

The soles of espadrilles may be flat, platform or wedge shaped and can be made of natural fiber, synthetic fiber rope, or flexible synthetic materials cast to resemble rope. Uppers may be made from nearly any substance and may have open or closed toes, open or closed backs and can be a slip-on or tied to the ankle with laces. A wide variety can be found, from inexpensive bargain brands to high priced designer brands.

Jute Sole Espadrilles

Being the most popular natural fiber second to cotton, jute is great for making soles of modern espadrilles. Wedge or soles of espadrilles are usually made with jute rope braid and it’s very popular because of its eco-friendliness. Natural bright colors of jute are a major design for modern espadrilles. Bangladesh is the major producer of the highest quality jute with the best colors in the world and is a good place to find premium quality jute-soles. Manufacturers in Spain, France and Italy prefer to import jute soles from Bangladesh and make their own uppers for espadrilles of various styles. “Cotheeka Jute Industry” is a jute sole and espadrille manufacturer in Bangladesh.