Shopping in Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain

Fuengirola is recognised as being a more traditional, family-holiday town and so, shopping here is not so designer boutique style … although there are some very attractive clothing stores in the church square and on the west side of the square there are a number of pedestrian streets with a more up market selection.

Parking is easy … under the church square. Its easy now but it nearly didn’t happen when a few years ago the car park was at the planning stage and the planners intended to destroy a huge, 200 year old ficus tree in the process … and a lot of people made a lot of fuss. Happily, as you’ll see, the ´greens` won …the plans were changed, albeit for the loss of a few parking spaces … and a lovely old shady tree survived !

Shopping in Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain

Anyway, back to business … and the other must for those looking for that special something is the brand new Miramar Commercial centre situated at the back of Fuengirola directly off the N340.

The complex is spacious with more than 150 units, a dozen luxury cinemas and an attractive food court with a great selection from tapa bars to the American-style, Fosters Hollywood with its honey roast ribs … finger-lickin good !

As with most commercial areas on the coast the Miramar is open seven days a week from July through to mid-September.

The centre is light and bright … it’s very easy to get around … the parking is enormous and has a special area for disabled drivers. It’s certainly worth a day off from the pool.