Short and wide window treatments

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by Angela
(Independence, MO)

I have a situation like Julie Ryan from Adams, MA. My bedroom window is 7′-1″ wide X 24″ the exception is that my king size bed is along the same wall and it cannot be moved.

I have the curtain panels that match my bedding however when I tried draping them over the existing window treatment it just looks like a bunch of fabric hanging behind this massive bed.

Even though you can see through the headboard I think it might be too much for the small room I have. Should I have them shortened?


Short and wide window treatments

Hi Angela

I think you have 2 choices, as you say shorten your curtains is one option. I personally like long curtains to the floor.

The second option is to keep your long curtains. Dress them back into the open position. Then leave them alone maybe even put them into curtain tie backs.

Then Get your local blind company to make a plain blackout fabric roller blind. Then use this to cover your window on a daily basis. You won’t end up with a wall of fabric. Just 2 slim nicely dressed curtains that won’t overpower the room.

I know your thinking a roller on this wide window won’t work so well. It should work fine because the drop is only 24 inches.

I hope this gives you something to think about. I don’t close any of the curtains in my home. I have them all dressed back and just use the blinds.

Best Regards