Should you wear gardening gloves?

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Lots of people like to get their hands into the soil and there is certainly a therapeutic benefit in this. But you risk damaging the skin and picking up an infection, not to mention the risk of being bitten by a spider. Some people also get dermatitis from handling earth. Good gloves will protect your hands from injury.

There are different types of gardening gloves. Vinyl. Cotton. Rubber. Cotton with reinforced palms. Leather. Gauntlets.

The heavy cotton kind with extra protection on the palm side are most comfortable, though not waterproof.

Vinyl or rubber will make your hands sweat and leather is often too heavy for women. I’ve found it so anyway. If you have small hands, try a pair from the children’s section. Gauntlets have the longer arm. They are ideal for pruning plants with thorns like roses. They may be too heavy for normal use.

Should you wear gardening gloves?

Top Tip…

Use two or three pairs alternately. Each time you take a break, plunge your hands into a bucket of water and wash them with the gloves still on. Then all you have to do is peg them out on the fence or the line ready for next time. There’s nothing worse than trying to shove your hands into gloves that are stiff with dried mud.