Shoulder Lift for Yoga – An easy solution to a difficult problem

There is one place where you are likely to hold tension. The neck and shoulders. Shoulder lifts are suggested to relieve this stress.

Normal living is full of stresses and strains. Too many problems and worries. Important meetings, interviews and human interraction, for example, all contribute to a feeling of tension.

“The process of living is the process of reacting to stress.”

- Dr Stanley J Sarnoff, physiologist, National Institute of Health.Time 29 Nov 63.

Concentration is harder to maintain. You become a little restless and find it hard to relax.

So you end up with aching neck and shoulders . They are sore and tight because you are tense.

Tension is this area will sooner or later cause headaches…

…and there goes your day!

There is a simple solution which will solve all of your problems.

It is the yoga Shoulder Lift.

Every time your shoulders start to hunch or your neck aches, relax them with this yoga exercise.

…and don’t be afraid of doing this exercise many times a day.

Shoulder Lift for Yoga   An easy solution to a difficult problem

Use the shoulder lift as a preventative measure. Do them several times a day to stop any potential shoulder and neck tension.

The shoulder lift is such a simple movement. You can practice this move anywhere and at anytime. In front of the tv, in your office or on the train.

It will be an instant stress relief for you.

Benefit – The main benefit is the release of stress. Other benefits include:

  • Improve flexibility in the upper back and shoulders.

  • Improve strength in the upper back and shoulders.

Starting Position- Not known as a complex move. You will soon see why.

Starting position is not that important with the shoulder lift. You can be sitting down or standing up. Just make sure you are in a comfortable position.

The Movement – You won’t need to take any notes for this sequence of moves!.

Lift one or both shoulders at the same time. Raise your shoulders towards your ears and as high as possible.

…and that’s about it…

oh, I forgot…

Hold the shrug for five seconds or so…

…then let you shoulders drop back down.

Repeat the movement about five times.

Cautions – You really can’t go astray with the shoulder lift, so there are no cautions worth mentioning.

Do’s and Dont’s

- Do breathe deeply. This will increase the benefit this exercise has to offer.

- Do the movement reasonably slowly.

- Do keep your spine straight.

You should start to feel the tension in your shoulders slowly drain away when practicing the shoulder lift. Hopefully, you will be feeling very relaxed once you have finished.

A lot of people have been practicing yoga for many years. They never stop.


The health benefits!

Yoga is a great tool for reducing built up stress, strengthening the muscles, relaxing ones-self and getting your head around meditation.

The shoulder lift is one exercise that can directly help to fix a problem. It is a great tool you can add to your ever expanding fitness and health toolbox.