Show off what a bad ass your PC is with Window Kits

Window kits were created specifically to let people show off what’s inside their cases. The same way you sup up a car, a window encourages you to go all out, so you can earn the respect and admiration of your fellow modders. Made of a clear acrylic, most kits provide the window, a template and some kind of gasket.

Ever since casemodding became popular, window kits have been embraced. Not only do windows show what’s inside, but they allow anyone to see all those awesome mods you’ve made to the inside of your case.

Show off what a bad ass your PC is with Window Kits

If you like going to LAN parties, then you most certainly should have a windows kit; it’ll give you a little competitive edge. It inspires you to customize your PC to make your competition feel inferior. With so many colors, shapes and designs to choose from, it’s easy to make your personality known to the world.

Window kits let you show off CybercaseLite™, black lights, super bright LEDs, cathode tubes or your other case mods.