Show Them How Its Done…Women Skateboarding

Elvis Elvis

We all know girls rule, but maybe its about time we showed our skills to the guys, there’s no need to let guys dominate the skate parks and ramps this summer, why not keep in shape for winter sport, by keeping up your coordination and balance with skateboarding. Not only is it cool and fun, you can buildup your skill, and its keeping you fit! What more could you ask for!

Your First Skateboard

If you are new to the world of skateboarding its ok, there are a range of boards out there for beginners to more advanced riders, and you can also get a range of books, dvds and videos that can show you how to increase your skill level, all the way up to Tony Hawks Level…

Or Should I Say Elissa Steamer. (Elissa Steamer has radically redefined the role of women in this male-dominated sport.)

Show Them How Its Done...Women Skateboarding

Finding The Right Board For You

Choosing A Board Is Easy, There is a huge selection of boards designed for women out there, made from materials that support the lighter frame of a women. Our Affiliates the house have a huge range of skateboards, and some great sale prices on at the moment, with up to 60% off. Best thing is, no pesky shop assistants, you can browse online, without the noise and interruption, and choose the perfect board for you!