Shumba Youth Marimba Ensemble

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There was a street fair and kiddie parade last weekend. It was a usual street fair and parade but we enjoyed it because the weather was just great and the kids were just excited. The fire fighters, the kids at the parade, the pirates, the costumes, everything.

One thing that I was very interested in was a group of kids playing some musical instrument. I am not that into music but this one just got my attention. The music was beautiful but what drew my attention was the kids playing the instrument. I found out later that it’s called Marimba.

The kids were just enjoying it so much, you can see it from their faces. It’s like they’re in another world. I was just so amazed at them. My husband couldn’t understand it. I never like music that much but this time he had difficulty getting me out of there. He kept saying ‘come on let’s go, it’s hot.’ I think I was a little hypnotized by those kids. I mean the music itself is beautiful, but looking at the kids was just heavenly.

Shumba Youth Marimba Ensemble

I almost felt like I want to do that too. I want to enjoy something as much as they seem to enjoy playing marimba. I want my children to have that too, no matter what it is, be it music, reading, anything. The look on their faces… if only I could describe it.

Then I found out about the group. It’s called Shumba Youth Marimba Ensemble. They have classes for children. I don’t think I’ll enroll my children though. Firstly, they’re way too young. Secondly, they didn’t seem to be interested.