Simpe Soccer Tactics

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In theory football is a very simple game. Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan responded to the question of football and football tactics very simple too…

“Score more goals than the opposition”.

And yes, it can be as simple as that. Just to score more goals than the team you are playing against. When you see a match at television the game of football looks that simple. The movements, the artistic dribbles and the tremendous goals. In theory it is simple. It is simple for me to sit her and write about how simple football is to.

But in practise football isn`t that easy. When you see amazing skills on television, you see hours, months and years with haaaard work. They hasn`t bought their skills, they have trained them. Polished them. Day in and day out.

In todays modern football there is a lot of football tactics going on on the field to. The players has tasks to do, both defensive and offensive given by their manager. These tasks are the football tactics.

“A teams formation is just numbers, it is what`s behind the numbers that`s important”

What I mean by that is that the formation is just numbers you put on a piece of paper. It is the football tactics behind that numbers that`s important. How your team play football. Further down this side you will learn more about that.

Simpe Soccer Tactics

These wise words by the Portugese “superman” (he really thinks he is superman) brings us to a teams way to play football. An obvoiusly frustrated Mourinho attacked Martin Jol`s team (At that time) Totthenham on how they played football.

Sadly it has become more and more usual in the international football world to defend when you play away from home. Not to take the big risks and secure a clean sheet for the goalkeeper. You have probably heard the expression…

“The best defence is to attack”

In many occasions that`s true. But of course not in all matches.

You know this picture? if you are a Manchester united supporter you probably do.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær has just scored the final and crucial goal. Against Bayern Munchen in the Champions League final in 1999 at Nou Camp, Barcelona.

“Thanks for giving me the best night of my life, it was better than my wedding night”

When he sais “the best night of my life” it really means the best three minutes in his life. Even Solskjær hasn`t seen the match in full. Just the last fifteen minutes of the game once – a quarter of an hour was Solskjær lenght of time on the pitch at Nou Camp in 1999.

That incident in 1999 demonstrate football tactics on highest level and the importance of having a big squad. Especially in todays football. To have players that can be substituted and make the difference.

During a football game there is much football tactics. Football tactics you don`t think about. But managers and their players has thought about it for sure.

What are the opposite team weaknesess? Where can we attack them in an efficient way? How do we have to defend against them?

Topics like this are all subjects a team has to consider before and during a game.

Here are some basic attack/defence football tactics…

  • Width in attack. Is often used by attacking team when they want more distance between oppositions team components. Then more space will be created for the attacking team. Combine that space with good movement. And you almost guaranteed will create chances (if not goals). The disadvantage is obviously that it will be bigger distance between your teams components.
  • Width in defence. Is used by football teams when they want to avoid opposite players to turn with the ball. Often used against quick and/or technical players as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.
  • Depht in attack. When you want your team to be more compact it is clever to pull the attackers deeper (nearer your own goal).
  • Depht in defence. Are very usual to use when opposite team has quick attackers. Or you meet teams who are very ball posession orientated.

With this football tactics site I really hope you have learned something about football and tactics on the field. If you have some comments, or improvement issues. Don`t be afraid of write to me about it. Cooperation is such as important for us as in football.