Since You’re Snowboard, Why Not Try Urban Boarding?

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Snowboard rails, or railing consist of a metal bar which snowboarders use to grind or slid across in order to bust out tricks.

Mountains often provide parks with rails, jumps and halfpipes. But they aren’t only found on a mountain…

You can snowboard anywhere it snows and do snowboard rails anywhere you can find a rail near snow. You just have to pick out the right spots in your town after it snows, this is a much cheaper and definitely enjoyable experience, and may make riding easier after a snow storm leaves loads of powder.

But why leave boarding strictly to the mountain, you can also try Urban Boarding.

Urban rails

Now doing rails can be dangerous, and depending where it is possibly illegal, but a lot of fun. So if you’ve decided playing on urban snowboard rails could be for you, make sure you take into account your skill level before conquering the titanic of jumps.

If you’ve never done snowboard rails before, start out small and work you way up to bigger ones as your skill level progresses, even the pros had to start small before they could think big, and as they say practice makes perfect.

Since Youre Snowboard, Why Not Try Urban Boarding?

One of the problems you have to conquer with rails is speed, unless you have a steep downhill decent leading to you

(which doesn’t happen often) you’re going to find it hard to grind the Snowboard rails. But never fear strategies do exist to get up speed on flat ground. You can have two friends turn you into a human slingshot to get up speed; the downer is you can sometimes lose balance in the flinging process. Failing that someone can toe you on a car or motor bike, but when push comes to shove, gravity is the best resource.

But we can use this to our advantage making a hill of our own, simply shoveling enough snow to make a small hill drop do build up enough speed, this can pose hazardous if snow is scarce. But pre building a drop in ramp before, could save you time, as you can pack snow on top.

Time can be of the essence in urban riding, as the occasional clueless adult can kick you off before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and rip into the rail.

Once you’ve got you’re hill sorted and found your jump, and then it gets tricky now some people may argue that a drop in ramp is lame, and unnecessary for riding.

When you do a rail, its all about having fun on your board, so build what ever you like, and have fun on your board, thetas why the sport was invented. Remembered to round the edges, last thing you want it to hook up on any rails, and don’t screw your board by attempting stairs of streets, its bad for it and if you do, use a old board that you can keep purely or that purpose.

So remember you can make you own drop in ramp that will last you years and cost you little in the scheme of things, to save you time, and save you money on those snowy days when your keen to 2 board but short on cash.

So think outside the square, don’t just ride the mountain, ride the town and remember ENJOY YOURSELF.