Singapore Flyer – The Giant Observation Wheel

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The sky surrounds Singapore Flyer doesn’t look the same every time I go there. It changes occasionally! Imagine if you are on board this giant observation wheels – the latest Singapore attraction.

Fly to the sky” feeling will become real!

There’ll be nothing around you except the colorful sky and mesmerizing view.

When you reach its peak which is 165m from the ground or equal to the height of a 42-storey building, you’ll see Marina Bay where the flyer located stretch to the horizon and disappear……

Then, some part of Malaysia and Indonesia emerge in front of your eyes.

The reflection of sunlight on the waters will definitely catch your attention too.

The light changes, sunset, the glowing waters, the skyscrapers of water front central business district and living area, the city lush greenery, including the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (casino) when its completed in late 2009 brought closer to you only by Singapore Flyer.

You will remember them forever!

Inspired by the legendary Eiffel Tower in France and the London Eye, famous Japan Architect late Mr. Kisho Kurukawa together with his Singapore partner, DP Architect designed unique and everlasting avant-garde wheels with simplicity and harmony as its aesthetic features.

As a result, the tallest new generation of a giant observation wheel was born. Britain’s London Eye started this new generation which is 30mm lower than the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore Flyer   The Giant Observation Wheel

The slim single dimension ladder Truss Rim solution, a technological revolution chose by the architect has also made it outstanding among its generation.

The 150 meters diameter of the wheel with 28 capsules attached to the rim was stand on a slim 2 leg support structure and cables are used to attach the rim to the spindle.

For about 30 minutes, it will rotate slowly offers a 360-degree unobstructed view of more than 45km of the surrounding.

Each capsule with size of 4 meter x 7 meter (similar size to a single-decker bus) which is able to carry 28 people are also kept level by mechanical means (not gravity) providing a stable platform which allowing passenger to walk around without feeling the movement or vibration.

All capsules are fully air-conditioned and UV-protected.

These high levels of sophistication in technology have sum up to S$240 million in development cost. You’ll be able to ride on it start on 1 March 2008.

However, there’ll be a Valentine day package for 14 February 2008 which will cost you S$399.00 per couple.

Operating Hours:

  • Daily from 8:30am to 10:30pm
  • Extension of operating hours for weekends, eve of public holidays and festive seasons