Single large kitchen window treatment

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by Kim

My kitchen has a very large picture window which opens on each end (slides) with a single pane of glass in the middle (total width is approx 96″). The window extends all the way down to the countertop and sits directly behind the sink.

This is a west facing window and the hot Texas sun necessitates something to block the afternoon sun.

Prior to remodel, had vertical blinds which make a ton of racket when the windows are open. Wanted something sleeker but don’t think fabric is wise choice.


Single large kitchen window treatment

Hi Kim

I think I would fit 2 roller blinds with a dim out fabric to reduce the sun. They would meet in the middle. You would have a gap in the middle about an inch maybe.

You could fit 1 roller on this width window but they can get very heavy to wind up and down. I know the gap in the middle is not ideal.

The other way to do this is to fit 3 roller blinds one over each of the side opening windows and a wider center blind. This would allow you to have one or two blinds down with one up. This would allow for ventilation but still blocking the sun depending where it is in the sky.

Best regards