Sitting Stretching Exercises – The basics of stretching…

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As you read this page you’ll realize that it’s so important to stretch all the muscles your going to be working out that day. It’s not necessary to stretch your arms if your going to be working out your legs, vice versa.


Always warm up by doing some standing stretching exercises every morning to release all the stress and to start the day off right. Also focus on specific stretches of the muscles you will be training that day. By adopting a similar stretching routine, you can greatly minimize your risk of injury.

On this page, you will go through some basic sitting stretching exercises and methods of improving your flexibility. Many people with back problems could easily and efficiently tame their pain if they would include simple sitting stretching exercises in their daily schedule. Muscles of the lower back can become very stiff after sitting all day at the office, after an intense workout or maybe even caused by the way you sleep. Performing sitting stretching exercises before and after your workout is the best time to stretch.

Your muscles are still warm and more flexible. You can also stretch in the morning and at night, which are the other prime times to stretch. In the morning and night, do your sitting stretching exercises after a hot bath or shower to get you flexible like gummy worms. Remember with all these exercises you need to make sure you are breathing evenly with a good slow, even rhythm.

Sitting Stretching Exercises   The basics of stretching...



Stretch to where you feel a slight, easy tension. Hold this for 10-30 seconds, and as you do, the pulling sensation should diminish. If not, ease off a bit until you feel comfortable. This easy stretch gets the tissues ready for the developmental stretch.


After holding the easy stretch, move a fraction of an inch more into the stretch until you feel the slight tension again. This is the developmental stretch and should be held for 20-30 seconds. This is an excellent way to increase flexibility and get the muscles ready for a workout.

Some rules of thumb…..

  • - Breathing should be slow and in a steady rhythm, don’t hold your breath.
  • - Stretch slowly and with control, don’t try to speed through it.
  • - No bouncing, your not at a hip-hop night club.
  • - There should be no pain, it should be relaxing after a few seconds.
  • - Don’t compare yourself with others, if your friend can do the splits that doesn’t mean you should say “what the heck” and go for it.
  • - Relax, make sure you don’t tense up, try to focus on letting go and just allowing your muscles to stretch.



Put one hand on something solid like the corner of a wall and press your palm flat against the wall while twisting away from it. You can also try straightening your arms and clasp your hands together behind your back. Slowly raise your arms until you feel a good stretch in your GGP’s (Greek God Pecs).


You can do this specific stretch while standing or sitting. Clasp your hands together and raise your arms above your head with your palms facing up. Push your arms upward while leaning a bit towards the back. Breathe slowly and deeply. Just remember it’s just like the common morning stretch when you wake up.


First, make a circle with your index finger and thumb, push that circle up against the corner with your palms facing down, twist away from the wall and with your other hand gently pull your head forward and down to intensify the stretch. Straighten both of your arms and press your hands against the wall with palms facing up. You will need to move your feet towards the back in order to get the most of this stretch. Hold this position for 30 seconds.


Raise your left arm straight up above your head and bend it at the elbow, bringing your left hand behind your neck. With your right hand, pull on your elbow until you feel a light pulling stretch in the triceps.


Grab your fingers with palms facing away from your body. Then gently pull back till you feel a good stretch.


Sit down on a steady seat, lean your head to the left side while holding the edge of the chair with your right hand. This is a really good stretch to help in relaxing the traps/neck/shoulder ridge after an intense workout.


Lay down on your back, bend one knee at 90-degree angle and let it fall over your opposite leg. Always keep shoulders/upper back flat on the floor. Relax in this position for a couple of minutes. This is a great sitting stretching exercise for all of those with lower back problems.


Sit on the floor and bring your knees to your chest or as close as you can and hold them there. Roll back gently on your back while remaining in that position, like a scared rolly poley.


Lay down on your back with your feet flat on the floor and both hands joined together behind your head. Gently bring your chin closer to the middle of your chest. Don’t over pull on your neck when doing this move. Relax in this position, feel the full stretch and release slowly.


Sit down and pull your legs apart as far as they will comfortably go. Gently try to put your chest as close to the ground as you can, while avoiding any bouncing and head bobbing. If you are just beginning and are very stiff, bend your knees a bit to ease into this sitting stretching exercise. You can also take a towel and hold it on two different opposite ends. While laying on the ground, place your foot in the middle of the towel, pull slowly back on the towel while pushing your leg up and pulling back until you feel a good stretch.


Squat down with your feet shoulder width apart and slightly pointed outwards as if you were going to sit on the floor. Then just sit in that position until you feel like you have gotten a good stretch.


Put your foot on a step or ledge with the pads of your foot at the top of the step, slowly push forward on your foot with your other leg behind you to really stretch your calf muscle.

Sitting stretching exercises are one of the most important things you can do for your muscle growth. The temperature of your body should be taken in consideration when working for increasing your flexibility. Cold muscles will not cooperate well with sitting stretching exercises, there is an increased chance of injury. So don’t do your stretches outside on an Alaskan cruise ship in your running shorts. If you want to do sitting stretching exercises in the morning, you can take a hot bath or shower as a passive way to raise your core temperature. It is not as efficient as doing 5+ minutes of light cardiovascular moves but at least it will elevate the muscle’s temperature.