Skateboarding – Hardware is used to keep your trucks on your board

Hardware is not usually talked about too often. It is cheap and fairly standard. It is necessary however. Without hardware, you can’t put your board together. It is really just 8 nuts and bolts. Sizes are indicated by the length of the bolts.

They can come in different sizes. Usually I see 7/8 inch or 1 inch lengths. I don’t get picky about which one I choose. If you have risers it will matter which you choose. You will probably need the 1 inch pieces.

I don’t use risers on my board. I did have them on my first board though. I don’t see why you would need them. I imagine they prevent your wheels from touching your board. Perhaps they have an advantage on vert or something. I don’t really know.

I like getting the kind with a bolt or two that are differently colored. You can use these to quickly tell which end of your board is which. Outside of that I usually choose brand name products. They are usually a whole dollar more. I don’t believe there is much difference, but I like to support companies who make good products. If I see a blank piece versus a brand piece I will always get the brand piece. This is because I believe it helps skateboarding as a whole.

Skateboarding   Hardware is used to keep your trucks on your board

My last words on hardware are to not go out of your way to find a certain kind. It won’t make you skate better. Get what you think is fun or looks cool and get out there on your board and land that new trick!