Skateboarding Tips – Have you ever had a blank deck?

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Blank decks: Are they good or are they bad? Some say they’re bad for the skateboarding industry. They say it’s too corporate. Others say it’s great. They can get some quality at a decent price. So, what’s the real scoop behind blank boards? Let me give you some insight and a few stories about the blank decks I’ve owned and come across.

I never wanted a blank. I always liked having pro boards. Sometimes it was hard to come up with the money, but I always did. Being a kid with hardly any income can make it hard to save up ya know.

Well, I had been through ten or so boards before I got my first blank deck. I didn’t even buy it however. I actually won it at a skateboard contest in one of my nearby towns. I entered as beginner since there were only two categories. Beginner and advanced. There were some gnarly skaters in advanced, but I was way better than most kids in the beginners section. I felt kind of bad dominating and winning. But not that bad, since I had gotten a free board!

It was a mini logo board. To me it screamed blank deck. It screamed look at me, I’m a piece of junk. I am cheap and easy to produce. Well, then I skated it. Wow. I changed my mind. It was pro material. I looked up information about mini logo boards and they are just like pro boards. They just don’t have pro graphics on them. Don’t believe me?

Skateboarding Tips   Have you ever had a blank deck?

So, some blank boards can be great. They can be good to skate and set at a reasonable price. All blank boards are not created equally however. They go down in quality and price. Much lower than mini logo boards. I have tried a few other blank boards. Pop-lite boards are found online a lot. They aren’t pro quality, but they are cheap. They break easy and overall aren’t as good, but they can save a buck or two.

Then there are really blank blank boards. They are blank blank, blankity blank. So blank you don’t know who makes them. They usually are horrible and not worth the time or money buying one. There’s really only one step below this. Wal-mart. K-mart. Other-marts. They are just corporate scams to get money from parents who don’t know better. They are just complete junk. The boards weigh like twenty pounds and are made from junk.

So, overall, can you get a good blank deck at a good price? Yes, if you know what to look for. But, is it right? This is another question entirely. If you stop and think about it, you’ll find that it depends. We know why it can be good. Saving money and getting better at skating by having extra boards, so we can push the limits. But let me show you why it can be oh so bad too.

Let’s say you buy a board from wal-mart. That board is going to be garbage I know, but that’s besides the point. Let’s say you buy it, even though you fully understand it’s going to be a horrible board. It’s only 12.99! How can we say no to that?

So, we go to our nearest super-mego-corpo-mart and get our new board. This board was made for one reason and one reason alone. Money. It wasn’t produced in hopes that adding an extra inch to the tail will help some kids push the limits of skating. No, it was produced so that Mr. Wal-mart could make an extra 20 cents for every one he sold. So when our friends and parents buy one of these instead of a real board what is it doing? That’s right, it’s hurting us. We are giving away money that could be put towards skating as a whole.

Do you think Mr. Wal-mart goes out and gets himself a new board and tears up the loading dock behind his store after hours? NO, he doesn’t. He’ll take that money and build another mega-super-wal-mart so he has a chance to get more cash.

But what if we had saved that money. Saved up oh lets say, 12 wal-mart boards worth of money. We saved up and went down to our local skate shop. Where we bought the newest pro model. Yeah, we spent more money than we had to. But where’s that money going. Towards skateboarding as a whole. If no one bought pro boards there would be no pro skateboarders. There would be no magazines for those pros to be in. There would be no publicity and no skate parks being built.

We need to stand together and keep promoting skateboarding so it can get bigger and better. Every time we cheap out and get that board from ebay for twenty bucks or that blank deck from the sporting goods store we are most likely lining the pockets of someone who will never give back to skateboarding. At least pros and skate shops give back man.

So it’s a hard choice. I know times may be hard. Money may be tight. It’s ok to buy that blank deck to get by every once in a while. But if everyone did it, every time, I don’t know what would happen. So it’s a tough choice and I can’t tell you what to think. I just think that if you can support skateboarding or you can support Joe Smith’s Corporate Co. you should help out skateboarding.