Skateboarding Tips – Learn Exactly How To Ollie

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It is the basis of almost all tricks in skateboarding. So if you have a board, you might be interested in learning how to ollie.

One of the most common things I see are kids trying to learn to ollie. A few times I have been asked for help with learning the trick. I find the biggest problem is that people have already committed themselves to not being able to land the trick. Before even trying they are thinking or saying, “I can’t do that.”

Then I usually see a poor attempt at following some really good instructions. Or worse, they ask for help, and then don’t follow the advice given. Doh! It’s not that hard to do an ollie, but you need to believe you can.

You should have a good sense of how to ride your skateboard before attempting this, but it’s not required. Please save yourself some time and choose to ride the same way you are choosing to learn to ollie. I spent about three years not being able to do anything on a skateboard, yet owning one. I was never motivated and never listened to people who actually knew what they were doing.

To do the trick you must stand on your board with one foot on the tail and one foot in the middle of the board.

First crouch down to get some power. You will start by pushing down on your back foot until the board smacks the ground. Next you need to slide your front foot up the grip tape on your board.

Skateboarding Tips   Learn Exactly How To Ollie

Think light as a feather when you’re doing this. Be gentle and level out the board with your front foot. Don’t be like hulk and slam the board back down before the tail is even off the ground. This is something I see happen far too often. Think light, be light.

Now you should be in the air. You probably wont be getting a high ollie if you’re just learning. A good amount to start with is something noticeable at least. I remember getting over small things first. Soda bottles and sticks mostly. So three or four inches is a pretty good ollie if you’re just learning.

Once you’re in the air settle your board and try to have your feet land one on each set of bolts. Once they are on the bolts you should be level and coming back down. Get ready for the impact. You may need to bend your legs a lot to land the trick. It will help, trust me.

Hopefully you just landed your first ollie, but chances are good you didn’t and now you’re saying “what a load of poop on a stick.” But believe me, what I’m giving you here is sound advice. Try again and again. It takes time and patience. I can’t give you an exact amount of time. It’s all up to how much you practice and if you really want it.

To give you an idea of how easy it is I’ll tell you that you can learn to land an ollie in a weekend. It happened to me. I never knew how to really ride my board, let alone do tricks. My cousin came over one day and made me, yes, forced me, to go skateboarding. I wasn’t too interested, but I saw him almost figure out how to land an ollie. I saw what he was doing and wanted to land it too. We skated for about 18 to 20 hours in that weekend alone and we were both able to do a small, but real ollie by the end of it.

The only other thing I really want to tell you is to just not give up. Don’t give up because you don’t think you can do it. Don’t give up because other people don’t think you can do it. You can do it. I know you can. Just make sure you’re having fun while learning and you’ll be doing tricks before you believe it’s happening.