Skateboarding tips – Learn the pop shove it

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This article is going to give you an idea of how to do a pop shove it. This is when your skateboard is popped into the air and spins one hundred and eighty degrees. This is a relatively easy trick and may be the first trick you learn, outside of an ollie that is.

This is not the first trick I learned on my skateboard, but it is one of the first. I was only able to land a 180 before learning this. Like all tricks, it will take practice. If you already know how to ollie and are good at pushing and riding your board, then you are ready to take on this trick.

For this article I am assuming you know very little about tricks outside of how to ollie. Please don’t think I’m trying to insult you if some things are obvious. Let’s begin…

To do this trick you need to do two things. Make your board get in the air and make your board spin 180 degrees. Three things if you count landing on the bolts. What I mean by popping the board in the air should be pretty straight forward.

Place your feet on your board like you were going to do an ollie. Now you need to make a few adjustments. Your back foot will need to be moved towards the side of your tail near your toes. Your toes should be hanging over the edge. Imagine you were wearing no shoes. You can grip the inside corner of the board with you toes. This is your home for your back foot in this trick. Your front foot will be in a place comfortable to you if you were doing an ollie.

Skateboarding tips   Learn the pop shove it

Pop your board up as if you were doing an ollie. You will need to do two motions after this to make the board spin. Your back foot will pull the board out behind you and your front foot will push the board in. Your back foot will do most of the work here. The front foot cannot be forgotten though. It needs to control the board and keep it level for the spin.

Phew! We’ve done the hard part. It’s all easy from here out. Watch the board in the air. Look for the bolts. These are your target. Get one foot on each set of bolts and bring her down. Embrace the impact and bend your legs with it. This helps give us some extra time to land our shove it. It’s an especially good tip if you’re just learning how to skate.

I hope you’re landing pop shove its now! Good luck!

But wait, what’s that you say? You are still having trouble? OK, here are few tips to help you get this trick down for good. After all, I want you to be able to enjoy skateboarding and not end up getting mad.

A common problem is not getting the board off the ground. This means you could be missing out on doing a couple different things. You may not be getting enough power behind your trick. Bend your legs more before you start. Just not so much that you lose your balance. That’s no good.

You may also not be getting good height because you don’t know how to ollie yet.

Another problem I see is people not getting the spin right. The board is either going out of control or just isn’t going much of anywhere. This is probably, but not definitely due to your back foot. Think scoop when trying a shove it. Scoop your foot in. Push down and drag your foot back and the board should spin.

I don’t have much else to say about this trick other than it’s super fun when you understand it. Take it over some boxes or up curb or over a flat gap. It’s an awesome feeling. Don’t take the trick too seriously though. If you’re having trouble don’t get frustrated over it. Take some time off from trying it or some time to relax from skateboarding even.

One last thing I have to say. Find your style. Don’t try to imitate others or follow what I have here word for word. Do what works best for you. Have fun and skate on.