Skateboarding Tips – The Different Ways Of Setting Up Your Board

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I want to cover some of the different ways of setting up your board. You might find that it’s really hard to stay on your board when you’re riding. Or you may find that it’s really hard to land tricks when your board hits the ground.

This could be attributed to how you are setting up your trucks. If your trucks are really loose, you may have a hard time balancing on your board. If your trucks are really tight, you might have a hard time doing tricks. Also, the board won’t give as much when you land and you will have to land tricks more dead on.

Some people have a preference to setting up how tight or loose their trucks are. I find my board is somewhere in the middle. I seem to notice a pattern in my friends though. People who like street seem to have tighter trucks than people who like park skating. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, but there might be something to it.

I think if you’re just starting out you should use tighter trucks. It should help with your balance. Then, around when you’re learning to ollie over stuff, loosen them up a bit. Keep loosening and tightening until you find where you’re comfortable with. After a while, it’s not hard to skate any kind of board. I still think it’s really weird to skate on my friends boards who have really tight trucks though. It obviously doesn’t make them any worse though. Some of them can really tear it up!

Skateboarding Tips   The Different Ways Of Setting Up Your Board

If you don’t know how to change how tight or loose your trucks are, get your board out. Look at the trucks. See the big bolt in the middle? That’s the king pin bolt. It holds your trucks together and determines how loose they are when you skate. Just remember righty tighty, lefty loosey. O, and don’t tighten them too much. This will squash your bushings. Not a good thing. All of a sudden, the tight trucks you used to have will be really wobbly.

Another thing you may need to know in setting up, which I haven’t covered yet, is how to remove bearings. When I had my first board, I didn’t know how to do this. I will admit that I was such a noob that I tried to hit them out with a hammer! I must have been embarrassed to ask someone or something. I was really shy before I started skateboard actually. May be hard to believe that if you have been reading some of my writings here, but it’s true!

Anywho. To get those bearings out all you need is a skate tool. You use the tool to take the nut off your truck. Take your wheel off. Then, using the axle on the truck, pry the bearing out. See my image below of how to do this. The bearings should pop out. You may need to use a little muscle.

While your bearings are out you should clean them up and use some lube. Wash em off with a paper towel or a shop rag. Then spray them with some oil or skate lube. Spin them on your trucks a few times to make sure the lube sinks in. Then put them back together and you’re ready to go. If you have never done this before, you could be surprised at how well your bearings run now.