Sleep Hypnosis for Children – an excellent tool available to help your child

You Love Your Child

Now please don’t laugh when you read what I’m about to tell you here. And, don’t dismiss sleep hypnosis. It’s a wonderful tool that could make a real difference in your child’s life. You ARE willing to use every tool available to help your child, right?

The time between sleep and the wakeful state is a time of natural hypnosis. You can give your child beneficial suggestions just before they fall asleep and again in the morning before he is wide awake. But you can also create the same state even after he has fallen asleep.

The goal in this method is to rouse your sleeping child just to the point of hearing you, but not to the wide-awake state.

So, (This sounds silly just typing it!) sneak into your child’s room. Don’t walk. Crawl. Better yet, slither. You must get under his radar. Rouse him but don’t wake him. You know the method that would work best for your child. You could just say his name softly or touch him gently. Remember, you don’t want to wake him.

Sleep Hypnosis for Children   an excellent tool available to help your child

When you think that you have the right conditions then simply say (softly) the things to him that you want to work in his life.

  • “You always wake up and go to the bathroom to empty your bladder because you like to wake up in dry sheets.”
  • “You like to finish your homework quickly so you can enjoy some free time.”
  • “You keep your room neat because that way it’s much easier to find your toys when you want them.”
  • “Every day you get better and better in everything you do.”


As stated, children live in their sub-conscious minds. So why go to all of this bother? As a child experiences life and learns about himself, he begins to form conscious (or critical) thoughts. This process is not completed until adulthood, whenever that may be. Some say 18, some say 21. And it is unique for each person. But, it BEGINS as soon as a child remembers what happened the last time he tried something, or the last time he met a similar situation.

Children are suggestible but you can help it along by using light hypnotic techniques and sleep hypnosis.