SMART French vocabulary building techniques

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Concentrate on learning MEANINGFUL CHUNKS of language – rather than mind-numbingly boring word lists. French sound-bytes are what you need. Fashions in language learning as in everything else come and go. Now, the latest ‘new kid on the block’ is the return to favor of vocabulary learning. But, just as with Chanel or Dior fashions, vocabulary learning returns with a new twist. Now, we talk of ‘lexical phraseology’. This means that we learn CHUNKS of useful, meaningful, language.

SMART French vocabulary building techniques

Meaningful: this is where YOU come in. Try to find French vocabulary that is meaningful for YOU. Take football, for example. Are you a passionate fan of football, of sport? If so, this is a terrific place to start you ACTIVE French vocabulary building. Find a few great football websites. Hang out there. Figure out the lingo. Draw up a few lists, initially. Just learn them! Then, think of how you will enjoy following the antics of your favorite hobby — but in French.

This is how you REALLY come to grips with a new language: unconsciously.

Equally, you may be a shopaholic; well, we will show you some great shopping sites.

Make YOUR MEANINGFUL French vocabulary lists and you are off, way ahead of the pack.