Sneaky Pete Slushy Recipe

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The Sneaky Pete Slushy Recipe is Great for the Party

This punch recipe is perfect for a summer party. It is different in that it is a slushy recipe. Kids enjoy this drink (without the vodka of course) because it is fun to drink.

Sneaky Pete Slushy RecipeFor this fabulous recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

- 12 oz can orange juice
- 2 cups cranberry juice
- 4 quarts squirt or sprite
- 12 oz can pink lemonade
- 1 bottle vodka

Mix altogether in a freezer proof container and freeze. This is a slushy drink. Take out of freezer about one hour before serving. Can be re-frozen easily. And as always, if you are going to drink, do not drive (Grandma’s warning!)