Snowboard Hat… mmm Warm!

Snowboard Hat, a great way to disguise that mountain wind swept hair and wind burnt face, stay warm and cute!

You lose so much heat through your head… That’s why its important to keep your head warm on those chilly day. Along with keeping your head warm on those chilly days, you might want to think about those incredible snowboard days when the sun in beaming down on you face, maybe you might like to think about a cap or brimmed hat for a little sun protection.

Protect your face and head

On windy days sometimes is practical… and oh so cute to wear a hat with flaps down the side… no longer does this mean you have to look like a lumber jack, there are great hats in a lot of your favorite snowboard brands out their on the market.

A ski mask/ balaclava can also be another great idea, it stops you from getting that red and uncomfortable wind burnt look once you come off the mountain, there’s nothing worse then getting a freezing cold face with a runny nose, so think about your hat options before you take to the mountain.

Think about the climate

Usually I take up the mountain a peak beanie for those colder days, a head band to hold my hair out of my face and keep my ears warm on those days its to hot for a woolly hat, and a trucker cap for those really hot days where you might consider snowboarding in a t shirt.

Snowboard Hat... mmm Warm!

Style baby

Hats change in style color and shape every season so why not take a look around amazon and get some great deals on snowboard gear, after all they have it all from snowboard hats, dvds, snowboards, boots, bindings, ski racks and more. And there’s nothing better then buying online, no pesky shop assistants trying to force you into things, you can just look round and buy… and it all comes to your door.