Snowboard Pants…What You Need To Know?

Long gone are the days of the snowsuit, of wearing the one jumpsuit that you wore out skiing and sledding, even if you were a child that snow suit would still ride up in all the wrong places, got uncomfortable, and it it was anything like mine the bottom would be wet through and trough by the end of the day, made worse only by the fact my pants had bunched up inside.

Technology… isn’t it great

Over the years snowboard pants have seen vast improvement, with development of great new materials, snowboard pants can now be warn like regular pants, being lighter, tougher and warmer then their predecessors, and waterproof for those of you who are still learning!

How do Snowboard Pants work

Generally they work with a three layer system, some may have only two, but these ones will be intended for warmer climates and warn over the top of other pants of underpants.

Layer One

Is in direct contact with you skin, and with all that riding your skin soon heats up, and then cools on the lift back up the mountain, but these pants are there to help make sure you dont get cold on that lift ride. This is by using a modern base material which prevents sweat getting caught in the base layer of your pants against your skin and freezing, it does this by wicking the moisture away and helping to balance the temperature.

Snowboard Pants...What You Need To Know?

Layer Two

Contains insulation, this is also to help you retain your body heat by trapping it in a layer of air around your body this helps to decrease our heat loss. This layer most generally consists of polyesters, and sometimes fleece, bunting and pile. Fleece if common as ids a dense fabric that has been raked to make ends of fiber stand up and trap air. Bunting is fleece that has been raked on both sides. Pile is a single sided fleece that has undergone more raking and in the process to make the fabric much thicker.

Layer Three

The Final layer is the outer shell, this layer has direct contact with the snow, so for this purpose is protected against the elements such as wind rain and snow, stops the user experiencing cuts, chaffing and scrapes but still lets moisture escape. The layer is made from materials such as Gore-Tex found also in jackets and gloves, It allows holes for water to escape but these holes are to small for large water drops to get in.

Other things to consider

Now you no the technology behind the pants you now need to figure out the type of riding you want to do. For night riding you may want to consider pants and jackets with a reflective strip. I like to Have plenty of pockets in my snowboard pants, for security purposes, wallet, lip balm, tissues, you can even throw some chocolate of muslie bars in there, and its a great easy access place to keep you snowboard lift pass.

When buying snowboard pants always think about the conditions you will be riding in, this will help you determine if you snowboard pants are heavy or light enough for you. Because having comfortable and warm gear is important, and once you have that you can enjoy your boarding in comfort and warmth.