Snowboard Sleeve… Keep It Clean

Snowboard sleeves area great protection option for keeping your board safe and scratch free, be is in transit, walking around before you take to the mountain or storage

The Snowboard

These come in a range of colors and sizes to fit everything from a child’s snowboard to an adult one, for both men and womens. Snowboard sleeves are pretty much snowboard bags, but there is a lot to quality difference between some of the sleeves out there.

A snowboard Bag often offers more protection from the elements, it comes in both hard and soft varieties and offers padding and protection to precious snowboards.

Snowboard sleeves and Bags

The sleeve offers less protection then a bag, but its great for those times when a big bulky padded bag is not convenient of when you are hunting for space when you have crammed all your snowboard gear into the car!

Snowboard Sleeve... Keep It Clean

They still offer protection for your board when it is on the roof rack, keeping it clean, and preventing scratches both on your board and other gear around it. It also makes sure that nothing happens to it when it is taken on and off the roof rack as most sleeves have a little padding, but usually not as much as a snowboard bag.