Snowboarding in Canada? Why not head to Banff?

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Now heres a snowboarding town you can really get in to. While you’re cruising round on the snow, there are opportunities to celebrity spot, Some cute stores, and some cute boys to help you get kitted up for the snow.

Yet another reason for a women to go there is, the guys, hot guys migrate to this town, to the snow, and so should us girls, so why not have a bit of a look at the talent, while you’re hitting the mountain…. I mean it is one of the perks of snowboarding. Appreciating all of the talent on the mountain.

Now there is a range of mountains to ride and banff ski rental and snowboard rental is top notch.From Sunshine Village to Norquay and Lake Louise.

Now not only is there a great snow life in this town, the nite life is also a major encouraging factor to head to Canada, and get a more rounded view of this mountain orientated town.

Only one hour bus ride from Calgary, of a five hour bus ride from Edmonton. But this travelling is a small amount of time to give in relation to the fun times that can be found there.

Snowboarding in Canada? Why not head to Banff?