Snowman Cake Recipe

Snowman Cake Recipe makes Raymond Briggs’s THE SNOWMAN™, who comes to life at Christmas and is befriended by a lonely little boy. A little bit of sculpting is called for, but you will quickly see the Snowman take shape as you layer up the cakes. You will need quite a lot of fondant to coat him completely, but it is well worth it. You could use royal icing instead, but the finish will then not be quite as smooth. I suggest that you use Madeira cake for the Snowman – sponge may be too soft to stand upright. You may like to split the two large cakes in half and sandwich the sections together with butter icing to make the cake even tastier.

Snowman Cake Recipe

1 8in (20cm) round cake
1 pudding-basin cake
2 4in (10cm) round cakes
12 oz (340g) marzipan
apricot glaze
2 lb 8oz (1.2kg) fondant: mainly white, but small quantities of green, black, and orange
8oz (225g) royal icing food-colouring pastes: black, orange, green, and brown


Place pudding-basin cake on top of the round cake and cut round the outside of the lower cake until the two cakes make a smooth outline together. If you like, just trim the lower cake slightly to narrow the base

Place the two small round cakes on the very top and cut and trim to fit together neatly (Pic. 1).

Dismantle the tower of cakes. Knead the marzipan until soft. Roll out a circle of marzipan slightly larger than the bottom of the cake. Round the edges with your fingertips to make little feet (Pic. 2).

Take another piece of marzipan and roll it into a circle about 1in (2.5cm) thick. Sandwich this between the round and the pudding-basin cakes. Push and mould the marzipan to make a smooth round ‘tummy’ (Pic. 2).

Round off the top and bottom of the two small head cakes with some marzipan
to make a ball (Pic. 2).

Roll out two sausage-shaped pieces of marzipan for arms, and press them on to the sides of the body. With a sharp knife, make a V-shaped niche at the front of the body to suggest the outline of legs and feet (Pic. 3).

At this point you can remove the head – it will be covered in fondant separately.

Brush the body with apricot glaze.

Roll out the white fondant. You will have to judge how much you need to cover the whole of the Snowman’s body, but it is better to roll out too much than too little.

Lift the rolled-out sheet of fondant with the aid of a rolling pin and position it over the Snowman’s body, with the neck in the centre. Smooth the fondant down and round with the palms of your hands. Press it into the sides and cut off any surplus at the base with a sharp knife. You will also have to make snips and tucks where the fondant lies in a fold, but you can smooth out any cracks and rough joins later.

Next brush the head with apricot glaze, then knead and roll out the remaining white fondant.
Cover the head in the same way as you did the body. Push head on to neck with a cocktail stick to secure it (Pic. 4).

Smooth round the Snowman with your fingertips, using a mixture of sifted icing sugar and cornflour to camouflage any cracks (Pic. 5).

Gather up remaining fondant and knead again. Pinch off a small piece and colour it black. Colour the rest green.

Roll out the green fondant and cut out a strip about lin (2.5cm) wide to form a scarf. Snip the ends with scissors or a sharp knife to make a fringe, and wrap it round the Snowman’s neck, sticking it down with water if necessary.

Fold the rest of the green fondant over the back of an upturned saucer and cut round the edge. Lift it from the saucer and press it down over the top of the Snowman’s head. Lift up the edge to make a rim to the hat.

Make five small balls of black fondant for eyes and buttons, wet them and press them into the face and body. (Make dents in the white fondant with the back of a spoon handle to receive them.) Use a ball of orange-coloured fondant for the nose. Make a smiling mouth with a strip of black fondant or paint (Pic. 6).

Paint on stripes of orange and brown to make the hat and scarf look tweedy (Pic. 6).

Finally, spread some royal icing over the base and fork it through to look like snow.

If you have followed in detail my Snowman Cake Recipe, you should have nice cake to impress you child or your family. Enjoy.