Snug as A Bug Baby Shower Cake

As sweet as can be! Aimee Pitts from Shreveport, Louisiana decorated this snug as a bug baby shower cake!

Her instructions follow:

14″ round cake pan

13 x 9″ cake pan

Cake is frozen then cut to pattern in flower shape (14″). The bee shape and snail shape are cut out of 13 x 9″ in order to not waste much cake.

Icing is buttercream using star tip.

I freehand all of my cakes, either with a pattern I predraw or create it with the icing as I go. I don’t use any shape pans I freeze it then cut it out using my own pattern.

I can tell you that, for me it is easier to use the star tip to decorate the cut out pieces. That way you do not have to worry about a crumb coat, there is only one layer of icing.

My cakes are made with store bought mixes and I try to stay away from chocolate, I like to use white (mistakes are easier to hide.)