So What Is YOUR Favourite Tattoo?

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Have you picked one out yet? Or are you looking for a few tattoo ideas? If so, you have definitely come to the right place because we have heaps of tattoo ideas, designs and quality tattoo information on these pages. You will also find the answers to most, if not all of the questions you may have about getting a tattoo.

So,  let’s  get   started!
Did you know that between 40% and 50% of people who got a tattoo when they were young, seek to have it removed when they are older?


  • Well sometimes it’s because the tattoo was badly done in the first place and removal wasn’t an option at that time.
  • Another reason is that while the design was great at the time, now that they are older, it isn’t appropriate.
  • Maybe the tattoo was fine but the position was no longer suitable.
  • Or, (and hopefully this will never happen to you) they needed certain medical investigations that couldn’t be done because of the siting of their tattoo!
  • Perhaps too, their reason for having a tattoo was wrong right from the start!

All of the above can be avoided simply by planning carefully before you get the tattoo.

Planning For Your Tattoo!

A tattoo is permanent so you need to look ahead ten, twenty or even thirty years and imagine what your life might be like then. For example, what if you are not with the same partner that you are with now. Will you want his/her name or initials permanently inked on your skin? Most probably not, particularly if your new partner is sensitive. So it is very important to choose a tattoo design that has a special meaning just for YOU.

So What Is YOUR Favourite Tattoo?

So What Is YOUR Favourite Tattoo?

Perhaps you would like a tattoo picture that has symbolism that is attractive to you. (To see some great designs and their meanings click on the tattoo design link on the left side of this page.)Or, maybe a tattoo of a much loved pet. If you have a clear photo of the pet, a good tattoo artist can draw a very good likeness for your stencil.

Whatever you choose, it is best to have your design picked out before you go to the tattoo artist as you could spend many hours looking at all the designs on the walls of the studio, not to mention all of the design books they have. You can become so confused that you could be discouraged.

Consider your job. At my local bank there is a male teller, who even on the hottest of days, wears a long sleeved shirt rather than the short sleeved ones worn by the other tellers. He’s embarrassed that his manager may see his tattoos and disapprove or even penalise him. If he had his tatts sited in a place less obvious than his arms, he wouldn’t have that problem today. The message here is to choose the site of your tattoo very carefully. A word of caution…do NOT put the tattoo on your face or the back of your hands, unless you intend to be on the fringe of society all your life!

How are you going to pay for your tattoo? Getting inked is not cheap! Prices vary, but are based on the size of the tattoo, how much colouring needs to be done and the estimated time to complete the tattoo. Discuss price and payment details BEFORE you go ahead. Never quibble over price. A good artist is worth what he/she asks.

You will need to consider now which tattoo shop you will go to, to have your tattoo done. Poor choice now could result in a lifetime of unhappiness about getting a tattoo. Tattoo salons are government regulated in many countries and have to conform to high standards of hygiene. (Click on the link to Tattoo Salons to read more)

A final consideration is the pain factor. It does hurt to get a tattoo you know. However, how you interpret the pain you feel is a personal thing. Some people say it is a burning sensation, a bit like bad sunburn. Others say it is like repeated bee stings. Whatever— there will be some pain. Bony parts of the body like the ankle or the spinal area hurt more than the fleshy parts. How do you know if you can cope with it? Think about how you react to getting an injection from the doctor. Do you pass out? If so, a permanent tattoo is not for you just yet. However,tattoo needles do not go as deep as most types of medical injection so they dont hurt as much. After the first 5 minutes you get used to it, and you dont notice it much at all then. It’s a good idea to take a book to read or take a friend with you so that you have someone to chat to, because you will be there for a few hours. Let your focus be away from the pain and on the pleasure of the final result!

Finally, let’s consider the reasons why people get tattoed. Some on the list below are really good and others are not so good. I hope that your reason is among the goodies! If it isn’t you might want to think a bit more before you take the plunge. OK here’s the list!

  • To express ones individuality
  • To make a statement
  • To enhance the body’s beauty
  • As a permanent reminder of an occasion e.g. an engagement.
  • Cultural and/or Religious reasons
  • To tick off parents
  • As permanent makeup
  • As a dare
  • To indicate affiliation with subversive groups