So, What Makes Rainforest Plants So Special And So Different?

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Reason #1 – When processed correctly, these products contain the uncontaminated, full healing integrity just like it was in the wild. It is Mother-Earth’s native whole food remedy.

  • Rainforest plants (herbs and botanicals) hand picked from the highest concentration of life-force on the planet, have purity and potency beyond any field cultivated or greenhouse botanical.
  • These native plants are ecologically harvested from the naturally rich, uncontaminated, biologically-alive soil of the Rainforest.
  • These wild botanicals are never cultivated, sprayed, fumigated, chemically fertilized, irradiated, exposed to air pollution, chlorinated water, pesticides or any other industrial chemicals.
  • They are never genetically engineered, genetically altered or during processing fractioned into elemental components. These are Mother-Earth’s Whole Foods – Holistic Vegan Herbs & Botanicals.”

Here are a few examples of rainforest plants studies.

So, What Makes Rainforest Plants So Special And So Different?

Rainforest Research Reports Christian Drapeau, neurophysiologist Dept of Neurology & Neurosurgery, McGill Univ, Montreal

  • Rainforest; Sangre de Drago
  • Rainforest; Jatoba
  • Rainforest; Boldo
  • Rainforest; Maca
  • Rainforest; Graviola
  • Rainforest; Carqueja

Reason #2 – Look for the Spagyric procedure of plant processing. (Pronounced “spa-jeer-ric”) With this method no part of the plant is wasted. No essence of the plant is lost. The final formulations retain the plants’ original constitution, but with more strength, absorbability and therapeutic potential. (Here’s the scoop on the Spagyric Process; Rainforest Plants

So, How Do I Know I’ll Feel The Difference?

  • Centuries of Use – For hundreds of years, the people of the rainforest have used these botanicals to …
      1. Supplement their nutrition
      2. Optimize their performance
      3. Increase their stamina
      4. Relieve their pain
      5. Detoxify their system
      6. Cleanse their body
      7. Restore their health
      8. Protect their skin
  • Scientific Research – These ancient remedies have been supported with modern scientific verification, biochemical analysis and laboratory testing to document and testify to the therapeutic properties.