So you want to look at Atomic snowboards?

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Atomic Snowboards offer something a little different for you. Womens snowboards are becoming more and more common as technology is developing, but that doesn’t come at a high cost.

Looking at buying a board… well these boards are an excellent choice. A range of boards are available from there lines.

The new die cut technologies and snow resistant top sheet mean you can still see the graphics as you ride.

The latest line of Atomic Snowboards 16 models combines graphics, to make great shelf appeal, with meaningful technology at great value.

Tika and Polarity are particularly made with a focus on the fast growing segment of female snowboarders, And these boards along with the rest of them will provide some impressive gear for riding. And here are some of them.


This is for all mountain freestyle snowboard. A team of jnr atomic snowboards helped to develop the board, the sidewalls are critical for riding, so the Alibi was downsized to Super size the boarders ride. This board can be taken to the limit.

So you want to look at Atomic snowboards?

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This Atomic snowboards parent friendly, so when the kids are out on Just another great board from this Snowboard Brands. With a 3 degree “easy to ride” bevel the edges don’t catch, and wipe outs are kept to a minimum. This combines with a deep radial sidecut and softer flex means the little rippers will be skidding turns the first day of the seasons. Great as a girls snowboards, for those just learning, or as a chicks snowboard, for learners. But this board isn’t just limited as a womens snowboard, anyone can learn, its easy on great Atomic snowboards


If you a chick snowboard enthusiast, this boards worth a try, girls snowboards don’t get much better then this. Yet another Atomic snowboard… an all mountain snowboard. Now not only is this board fun to ride, its stylish to, so you’ll be looking good on the mountain. This womens snowboard with the 3 degree easy to ride bevel keeps your edge from catching, and its shortens the learning curve, so with each run you’ll improve and not slam on the way down the mountain. So if you want to spends heaps of time boarding, less time on your ass. This board is the womens snowboard for you. Why would you look at any other Snowboard Brands.