Sofas, Couches, Settees – what a great design opportunities

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What look do you want in your room?

With Sofas, or Couches it depends on the room you are furnishing. A pair of stylish couches in a Living Room will create a warm, intimate atmosphere and add that touch of elegance.

A traditional living room would probably have wooden floors and heavy fabrics and the furniture would be symmetrically arranged. Traditional furniture offers formality at its best.

Whereas furnishing the family room or den is more fun and the emphasis should be on a casual cosy feel

Classically styled sofas are always a safe buy as their appeal is timeless. With lavish accessories you can achieve a sumptuous feel.

Alternatively you may prefer the more Contemporary look. Leather is attractive in both styles and will last much longer than a fabric covered suite. Leather actually improves it’s appearance over time if properly looked after.

The room layout

If you have the space why not consider a leather sectional sofa with a Matching leather reclining chair

Placed either way or against the wall with low level coffee tables,a fluffy Sheepskin rug and clean lines for lamps. A great contemporary feel.

Sofas, Couches, Settees   what a great design opportunities

Who will be using the room

This is important to your decision. If you entertain regularly you may prefer the more formal living room. A couple of leather settees and High back chairs in front of a large fireplace are always inviting. Separate them with a large Solid wood coffee table – handy for drinks. Or you might prefer a leather Ottoman instead. Soft mellow lighting will complete the ambiance.

The family room

This room should have enough seats for everyone and to make sure they can all see the TV you might invest in some Home theater furniture

Accessorise with cosy Cushions and Throws and make sure the lighting is bright enough for reading. Lots of storage is needed to house DVD’s CD’s and books. And don’t forget the space for the family pet to sleep!

Of course you don’t have to stop there – this furniture looks great anywhere. Have you considered a sofa in the study or Hallway or even the sun room.


Colors can change the mood in any room so choose carefully. The most popular being browns, blacks and creams to the more adventurous such as reds, yellows, blues and greens.

Take advantage of the sample swatches available so you can decide at your leisure. Whichever you decide, modern leather furniture will add comfort and practicality to your home.

Leather furniture care

Why practicallity? Well leather furniture needs very little care.

  • Just a wipe with a damp cloth is probably all you need weekly
  • Don’t place your leather furniture too close to radiators as the direct heat will dry the oils out.
  • If this is unavoidable make sure you use leather conditioner more regularly to replace the lost oils and keep the leather supple