Some Interesting facts for Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are smart,quick witted,and saucy little dogs.A chihuahua dog requires little food or exercise and they are a pretty low maintenance dog breed.

They are the smallest breed in the world and their small size make them excellent pets for apartments and wonderful companions for singles,the elderly,and anyone who loves lots of love and affection.You really won’t find a more loving and caring little dog. They make wonderful lap dogs and are the sweetest and most loving little dogs in the world.

For some people their is no choice: The chihuahua is the only breed for them, but small dogs do have their drawbacks and their are some things you should consider.

Small dogs do have their drawbacks

Chihuahuas do make great burglar alarms and your chi may think he his 10ft tall and bullet proof, but unless nipping at someones ankle is going to protect you then a small dog isn’t going to make a very effective protection dog.

Their small size keeps them from being good hiking companions and they are susceptible to cold weather.Chihuahuas can’t live outside.If you leave them outside you also put your puppy at risk of being attacked by other wild animals.

Some Interesting facts for Chihuahuas

They are very loving and faithful little dogs, but are they are also very fragile and not very well suited for a home with children under 3 yrs of age. Little kids can seriously injure a chihuahua if they happen to kick them or step on them.Chihuahuas are tough little guys, but they have their limits. They are little,they get hurt easily, and they get cold.