Sometimes we all need some Entertaining S.O.S.

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Entertaining S.O.S.: Last Minute, Panic-Free Home Entertaining.
Our Envied Solutions mean Happy Hosts and Grateful Guests!

Our best experiences in Life usually involve our time spend with people: family, friends, neighbours and co-workers. Our lives and homes are richer when we can fully welcome people into our homes without being embarrassed, worried or spending countless hours cleaning.

As much as we would all like to have our surroundings resemble a magazine cover, this isn’t always practical when dealing with everyday life.

Things get dirty. Homes get cluttered. Walls get scuffed.
Decorating? What decorating?

  • Just found out the Holidays will be at your house?
  • Neighbor dropping by to chat?
  • The Boss is coming over for dinner?
  • It’s your turn to host the Game Night?
  • Your old friend is in town…they’ll be there in 10 minutes!


Don’t panic! Here’s our best advice for when you need a big change FAST! These are simple checklists for your reference. Every situation is different, but it’s important to know what things you have time to change and what things are just to big to undertake.

When time is of the essence, you don’t want to waste a single moment of focus on something that won’t be done well or on time!

The Ten Minute Solution. What if you only have Ten Minutes? Last minute visitors are tough, but you’re up to the challenge. The key is to relax. These quick and easy ten minute design solutions are the cornerstone to last-minute hosting in an Envied Interior.

Answers in an Hour. Have a few hours notice? You don’t want to go overboard in preparation…then it wouldn’t be fun to have people over! A little well-focused effort will go a long way and give you great results.

One Week till Welcome. The event is in One Week. Easy! Prepare everything with your guest’s comfort in mind and not much else will matter. Let go of any grand plans to completely redecorate the house. There will be time for that later…when your guests come BACK because they loved spending time in your home. (And your relaxed, warm and welcoming demeanor did not go unnoticed!)

Sometimes we all need some Entertaining S.O.S.

A Manageable Month. You have to perform a One Month Miracle? You have a few more options available to you, but don’t be rash. Focus on the quick and easy basics FIRST and the decorative second. Enjoy the process and anticipation…it will all be over before you know it.

Ding Dong!

Remember, we ALL panic about the state of our homes on occasion. You are not alone, and you are never being judged as much as you think you are. When you’re SURE that your guest is taking in your dated, peeling wallpaper they are usually just wishing they had worn different shoes, or are wondering if they have food in their teeth.

In general, Human beings are pretty self-centered,
and thank goodness for that!

Keeping this thought in mind, think big-picture about what people WILL notice about your home when you’re entertaining. The truth? They probably won’t be able to recall what color you walls were, or your clever decorating style…but

they will remember how your home FELT to them.