South African Cuisine – Pineapple Fridge Tart Recipe

This is a quick and easy tart with a unique taste. Tennis biscuits are used in this recipe and are a favourite in South Africa. If you can’t get hold of any, why not try with shortbread biscuits?

Difficulty rating: Easy

Serves: 4

1 x 400ml tin Ideal Milk
1 packet pineapple jelly
1 cup hot water
1 Packet Tennis biscuits
½ cup caster sugar
1 Tin Pineapples (fine)

South African Cuisine   Pineapple Fridge Tart Recipe

Dissolve the pineapple jelly in the hot water and leave to cool.Beat the Ideal Milk (evaporated milk) until thick and add sugar, fine pineapples and lastly add the jelly. Combine thoroughly.Pack tennis biscuits on the bottom of tart dish. Pour half of the mixture over tennis biscuits. Pack a layer tennis biscuits over mixture. Pour rest of mixture over the tennis biscuits. Sprinkle finely crushed biscuits crumbs over and place in refrigerator